When it comes to drilling into concrete in Melbourne, using the right tools and techniques is essential.


  1. Hammer Drill: A hammer drill is the primary tool used for drilling into concrete. It combines rotary drilling with a hammering action to penetrate the concrete effectively. You can find hammer drills at various hardware stores, home improvement centers, and tool specialty stores throughout Melbourne. Popular brands available in the market include Bosch, Makita, DeWalt, and Milwaukee.


  1. Drill Bits: Carbide-tipped or diamond-tipped drill bits are commonly used for drilling into concrete. These bits are designed to withstand the hardness of concrete and provide efficient drilling. They are available in different sizes to accommodate various hole diameters. You can find a wide selection of drill bits at local hardware stores, construction supply stores, or specialized tool retailers.


  1. Water Supply: When drilling into concrete, water can be used as a lubricant and coolant to reduce friction and minimize dust. You can connect a water supply to your hammer drill using a water supply attachment or a water pump. Water supply attachments and pumps can be sourced from hardware stores, plumbing supply stores, or online retailers.


To find specific stores that offer these tools and accessories in Melbourne, it is recommended to search online directories, check local business listings, or utilize online marketplaces. Additionally, you can visit major hardware retailers such as Bunnings Warehouse, which have multiple locations throughout Melbourne and carry a wide range of tools, including hammer drills and drill bits.


Please note that availability and specific store locations can change over time, so it’s always a good idea to check local listings, contact the stores, or visit their websites for the most up-to-date information on brands, availability, and store locations in your desired suburb within Melbourne.