Concrete Cutting In Melbourne

In Melbourne’s bustling construction scene, the precise trade of concrete cutting stands out as a vital service. At the centre of this is Bullseye Concrete Cutting Melbourne. Our unmatched expertise, combined with a vast array of cutting-edge equipment, allows us to professionally navigate any concrete cutting challenge—be it a towering concrete wall, a winding path, or a robust slab

Concrete Cutting Services

Melbourne’s Premier Concrete Cutting Solutions

Operating throughout Melbourne and its surrounding locales, we pride ourselves on offering a wallet-friendly solution without compromising on quality. Our suite of services is as diverse as it is specialised, encompassing:

  • Plunge Cutting (Coring): Deep and precise cuts without overstretching, perfect for crafting window and door openings.
  • Soft Cutting: An innovative dry cutting technique, ideal for early expansion cuts and control joints.
  • Pattern Cutting: Customised designs for a unique finish, often seen gracing pool edges, walkways, and pathways.
  • Asphalt Cutting: Harnessing our concrete cutting prowess for the more malleable asphalt.
  • Paver Cutting: Precision cuts on brick, block, and pavers using a dedicated wet diamond blade saw.
  • Concrete Trenching: Cutting a trench in a concrete slab requires professional expertise, the right tools, and adherence to safety regulations.


Professional Concrete Cutting Contractors

Bullseye Concrete Cutting Melbourne’s Services:

Plunge Cutting (Coring)

Unlike your typical cut, a plunge cut dives deep. Executed using a handheld circular saw or even a robust chainsaw, this technique avoids any overcutting. The outcome? Perfectly chiselled openings, ready to accommodate everything from a grand doorway to a sleek window frame.

The Art of Soft Cutting

Where most concrete cuts rely on a wet process, soft cutting flips the script. By harnessing the combined might of a skid plate and a soft-cut blade, our tools deftly pressure the concrete without causing any unsightly spalling or chipping. This method leaps into action especially when there’s a pressing need to craft expansion cuts or control joints promptly post concrete finishing.

Pattern Cutting

When a standard cut won’t do, pattern cutting steps up to the plate. This technique recreates the charming appeal of pavers. Whether it’s adding flair to pool edging, giving walkways an artistic twist, or beautifying pool edges, pattern cutting is the go-to. And with Bullseye Concrete Cutting Melbourne’s seasoned team at the helm, rest assured your desired pattern will come to life just as you envisioned.


Asphalt Cutting

Asphalt, a blend of aggregate and bitumen, has become a sought-after alternative to the pricier concrete counterparts for roads, driveways, and pathways across Victoria. Our asphalt cutting services employ a similar arsenal of tools and machinery used in concrete cutting, ensuring precision and efficiency.

Paver Cutting

Pavers demand a delicate touch. Our specialised paver cutting machinery, armed with a wet diamond blade saw, guarantees meticulously cut brick, block, and pavers tailored to your exact specifications.


Your Concrete Cutting Destination in Melbourne

 In search of unparalleled concrete cutting services in Melbourne? Yearning for a team that melds precision with efficiency? Bullseye Concrete Cutting Melbourne awaits your call. Reach out now for a complimentary, obligation-free quote.


Bullseye Concrete Cutting Services




Plunge Cutting

Deep, precise cuts using handheld saws

Doorways, Windows

Soft Cutting

Dry cutting post-concrete finishing

Early expansion cuts

Pattern Cutting

Customised designs for unique finishes

Pool edges, Walkways

Asphalt Cutting

Cutting through aggregate and bitumen mixtures

Roads, Driveways

Paver Cutting

Precise cuts on brick, block, and pavers using a wet diamond blade saw

Landscaping, Paved pathways