Drilling into concrete with a regular drill, also known as a standard drill or non-hammer drill, can be challenging and may not produce satisfactory results. Regular drills are typically designed for drilling into wood, metal, and other softer materials, and they lack the necessary power and impact action required for efficient drilling into concrete.

Concrete is a hard and dense material that requires a specialized drilling technique to penetrate effectively. When drilling into concrete, it is recommended to use a hammer drill or a rotary hammer drill, which are specifically designed for this purpose. These tools combine rotary motion with a hammering action that helps break up the concrete and facilitate drilling.

Using a regular drill to penetrate concrete may be possible for very small holes or shallow depths, but it will require significantly more time and effort compared to using a dedicated concrete drill. Additionally, regular drills may experience excessive strain and wear when used for concrete drilling, potentially leading to reduced tool life or damage to the drill.

To achieve efficient and effective results when drilling into concrete, it is highly recommended to use a hammer drill or rotary hammer drill, as these tools are specifically designed to handle the demands of concrete drilling.